Who is responsible for what is happening in me or  to me?   Am I not  my Architect? I ask this question to myself. When I look around  and noticed  some people are  very successful, joyous  and contented  than others.  Is this  fortunate blissfulness  a gift or earned?  Can one change his/her fortune? The simple answer to this question  lies in understanding  that  blissfulness or contentedness is  not a matter of chance or  sudden windfall. Neither  fortune or misfortune  caused by  other person or event.  But still there are many complaints that despite of  a lot of efforts in  putting  fortune eludes them. Such fortune seekers should realize that  the means of attaining  joy and contentedness is  through  our righteous actions  and good  intentions  free from selfish expectations and ego. It is not enough to perform  a righteous action  like a duty  but righteous actions are accompanied by  pure feelings of good will, compassion, joy and generosity.  Such feelings begets blessings from others  that gives you a sense of worth – find a deep satisfaction.  You experience what is the purpose and meaning of your life. This is the  hour for which you have been born.

In the present time , when the ill feelings and misdeeds are prevalent  everywhere , there is lot of scope to do good by sharing  good will , love and care. The greatest need of the time is to be good even  others are not. In order to achieve joy of blissfulness  one need to be master of self. One who is dependent on material comforts, wealth, name and fame  bonded by  corrupted habits and persons. They cannot provide blessings and inner joy.

When we sincerely pay attention  to nurturing our inner powers and reality  that enables us  to see a glowing  Fire within us  that kindles everything.  It is the New Consciousness, New Energy that transcends everything. Because of this New consciousness we could perceive the likeness in every other and treat the other with grace and blessings. Selfishness, ego and arrogance will disappear  from the awakened. The transformed  will  be merciful , humble and seeking the good of others. They do to others  what  would have them do to you. Therefore, blissfulness is a state of AWAKENESS.

Meditation and reflection led me to the realization of the truth what St. John had experienced long back. The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world (1 Jn. 4/4). Hence the source of power what I wanted to become is in me. No need to look elsewhere. Let’s challenge and overcome the obstructions and confinements we think that we are. Let us bear in mind what Scottish author and reformer Samuel Smile observed It is not ease but effort, not facility but difficulty that makes man.

Mrs.Reny John