NIRMAL BETHANY HIGH SCHOOL & JR.COLLEGE, a temple of learning with its uniqueness in quality education and discipline, is completing thirty glorious years in the field of education. It is the time to renew our commitment to provide our students with a quality learning experience which aims at holistic development in terms of academic proficiency, self- confidence, moral uprightness, civic sense and social commitment. We envision a student community empowered with faculties to excel in life and contribute positively to a rapidly changing global community.

WHAT MAKES NIRMAL BETHANY a UNIQUE one? School Assemblies and its regular conduct, Value Education classes and its various practice sessions , the regular conduct of staff meet for sustaining the quality in the teaching and learning process, the constant support of P.T.A,  the Remedial Coaching Classes to improve student’s academic performance, regular Vedic mathematics training to learn mathematics easy, training for handwriting, regular conduct of Unit tests, monthly tests, terminal & semester assessments and tests, and pre-board examinations for  furnishing the students with clarity of subjects and confidence to excel in their studies, organization of seminars on various topics, Instruction and invocation sessions as a preparation for initiating them to know themselves and their abilities through spiritual exhortations, Personality development programme and Counseling sessions for students, Parents and teachers,  the regular conduct of Parents-teachers Meet as a space to evaluate the academic advancement of the students with individual care and attention, the system of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation enhances to develop the faculties of the child and makes learning a high-quality experience and  a well organized mentor system to assure quality in discipline and assures the selfless service of students towards the school in sincerity, loyalty and integrity, participation in the state level arts and sports competitions, conduct of interschool competitions, a well stocked library  with SLIM library software, school management software in association with Swami Vivekananda PVT LTD, special English coaching classes in Association with ALDEC India, interactive e-smart class rooms in association with Next Education India PVT.LTD, well equipped and furnished labs. These are what Nirmal Bethany known as a unique learning centre for quality education.